Versatile bidet from South Korea that can be used on all types of toilets
Compact. Shielded nozzle auto retracts. Back flow valve protection. Can
be installed on either right or left side of the bowl  -- the only model that
will work with one-piece toilets and is installed in a different manner that
is likewise easy.

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One year warranty.
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Aquatown AB1000 , a DIY kit with a self-cleaning retractable nozzle. Easy to
install. Made of tough ABS plastic. Comes from the same factory with an
certification for bidet products. Slim nozzle body profile makes it less
exposed to splatter. Less cleanup chore.

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One year warranty.
Reliable alternative to Hyjet bidet with retractable nozzle. $30 each for 10 kits dealer price. Inquire at  .
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Toilet bidet with shielded retractable bidet nozzle. $35 each for 10 kits dealer price. Inquire  at
Aquatown AB 4001. Latest  affordable DIY  model. Positive knob control
stops for convenient pressure settings. Shielded retractable, detachable
slide-out nozzle. Flat surface shield makes it easy to clean up splatter.

Comes from a factory with an
ISO certification for bidet products.

Click here for picture of stand alone bidet.

One year warranty.

Hyjet bidet upgrade model with retractable nozzle and stainless steel
braided hose. Only Texas Bidets offers this type of hose  -  no leak, no
burst, no worry. Each kit undergoes final quality check at our facilities.
User-friendly with user-serviceable parts.

At retracted or off position, this nozzle is much shorter than the old one. It
barely interferes with bowl cleaning brush and more important  -  it is
virtually unbreakable.   
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Repair or upgrade parts (tee connector, nozzle, hose, etc., ) for your old
Hyjet are now available
. (Only 1 nozzle available. )  Click here.

One year warranty.
Aquatown AB 4001
Made in China.
Aquatown AB 1000
Made in China.
Smart SM-100
Made in  South Korea.
Hyjet upgrade model. Comes with
stainless steel braided hose (not
shown). Made in the Philippines.
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inventory comes in 2016.
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